How NOT To Feel Like a Failure, or, “Curses Upon Ye, Writer Mothers of Three”

Write every day.

That is the number one, most constant piece of advice I have seen for writers.

It has also been the number one phrase to make me feel like a failure.

I would read tales of mothers with a 9-to-5 and three kids who still managed to write every day, and ask myself, “Why can’t you do the same when all you’ve got is a 25 hours work week?” Then, when I moved in with my boyfriend and started an 11-to-7 at 40 hours a week, I thought it would be the end of all writing forever.

Instead I started writing daily during the weekdays.

To each his own.

How does that make sense? Everyone has a productivity system, and everyone is different. So many ills in life come from not understanding this very simple fact. I couldn’t manage a writing schedule as a server because I needed a consistent, reliable schedule, something waiting tables does not provide. That mother of three could get by without that – and probably with less sleep than me, too.

An why do I suck at weekend writing? Where some people write daily to get their word counts in, I go in planned-out hyper-spurts – like the 3 Day Novel Contest – and kick out months of daily work in three days.

Granted, as of now, I am a failure still, unpublished and working in customer service; but at least I don’t feel like one anymore, and this is much less destructive!

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