Blog Ennui and My New Chicago Writer’s Conference Series

Author Highlight: Laurie Scheer

I just returned from the Chicago Writer’s Conference rejuvenated and ready for action! I’ve sadly let my blog waste away for a while, but in honor of this incredible event, I’ve decided to start a weekly (biweekly if I’m industrious) series detailing each individual session I attended at the Conference and sharing my biggest takeaways!

Before I get started on that, though, I wanted to find other ways to combat blog ennui once this is over… and below is a compilation of useful links to that end.

And last but not least, as learned from Laurie Scheer at CWC: make sure everything you do on social media revolves around the same base theme. Develop a brand for yourself, and stick to it. This will help you get recognized as an author and develop a significant readership.

Sorry this isn’t much for now – but check back soon for some conference lessons by a newly-branded author with a newly-anchored blog!

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