About Mica

Mica Scotti Kole
Twitter: @micascotti
Facebook: Mica Scotti Kole
Email: micaskole@gmail.com

JamesMica 0059 small

Mica Scotti Kole is a 20-something agent-seeker whose current project follows the only straight bald girl in a species of lesbian ones.

She writes heroic, non-traditional “worldpunk” fantasy with diversity elements.

She once spent two weeks living without running water, electricity, or English-speaking housemates, which is about as interesting as her life ever got outside of having a blind single mother (on an unrelated note, the Yes Man movie in Spanish translates the word “bazooka” in very strange ways, and Coors Light helicopters can actually help you exist).

In addition, she is a Level Two geek (Level One would mean she plays Magic the Gathering competitively rather than buffing around with a five-color “dragonwall” deck), and she is an enormous fan of good anime (read: Stein’s Gate) and teleportational cats. She is looking for an agent to propel her ambitious 6-storyline series, and she wrote this biography herself, so naturally you can’t trust a single word it says.

Perfect Pokemon Team: Suicune, Bulbasaur, Lugia, Arcanine, Glaceon, and [haven’t figured out the electric type yet].

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