Writing Events

This is a REFERENCE page including social media writer events for EVERYONE. If you know of any writerly events not listed here, please comment or Contact Me! Includes:

  • Daily Free Twitter Writing Events
  • Weekly Free Twitter Writing Events
  • Periodic Free Twitter Writing Events
  • Periodic Free Blog Writing Events


  • #PitMatch – February 11, 2016
  • #PBPitch (for picture books) – February 11, 2016
  • Pitch Madness – February 26, 2016
  • #PitchCB – February 26, 2016


Twitter – Daily

12-1pm EST: @upgradestory Blab Sessions

Check out @upgradestory for daily interactive conferences on Blab! Posts on @upgradestory will advertise these sessions, and a link to the proper Blab site will appear on her page when the conference begins. Be aware that you may need a newer computer and good Internet connection, since Blab can be choppy (it’s still in beta testing).


Twitter – Weekly

Monday: #Wattpad4 (8pm EST)

Search #Wattpad4 to find a conversation about some aspect of writing. To join, just add the hashtag #Wattpad4 to each post. The hosts will post several questions between 8pm and 9pm EST.


Questions are posed by number (e.g. Q1, Q4). To answer directly, use the corresponding question number in the start of your answer (e.g. A1, A4), like so:





Wednesday: #1LineWed

A theme will be posted by @RWAKissofDeath several days before a given Wednesday. Following that theme, post a line and tag it #1LineWed on Wednesday. The line can come from your WIP, an existing work, or out of your head (wherever). For example:





Friday: #FriDare (12pm – 9pm EST)

NOTE: Launching in 2016, date TBD.

Check @micascotti on 12 pm Friday to see a Dare posted. Try to accomplish the Dare in a single Tweet between noon and 9pm, and add the hashtag #1LineDare to enter the competition.

@micascotti counts the Likes (1 point) and Retweets (2 points) and chooses a winner each Friday. The winner is sent a unique .png medal they can add to their Twitter background!


Saturday: #ScreenshotSaturday

Take a screenshot of your WIP (work-in-progress) and tag it #ScreenshotSaturday to get viewed by Twitter users everywhere (a big hit with indie game programmers)! A rectangular image (about half as tall as it is long) usually shows up best in the Twitter feed.

Twitter & Blog – Periodic


2016 Date: February 11 (1-4pm EST)

Host: @brendadrake

Pitch: All genres

Pitch your work once within the time frame using hashtag #PitMatch and your work will be paired up with agents whose wishlist (tweeted under #MSWL) match your work! A team of literary pros will be doing the pairing. If you are paired with an agent, both of your handles will be posted with the #PitMatchArrow hashtag, and if the agent Likes your pitch, you can submit to them. Pitch only once per project. You can find more information here.


2016 Date: February 11

Founder: @mandyyates

Pitch: Picture Books

Pitch your picture book (manuscript only) on Twitter including the hashtag #PBPitch and any subgenre hashtags if they apply. You can attach an self-made image to your pitch if you are also an illustrator. Pitch only TWICE; once before 2pm EST, and once after 2pm EST. If any interested agents or editors favorite your pitch, look up their submission guidelines and send your work to them directly! (Do not favorite any pitches yourself.) You can find more information here.


Pitch Madness

2016 Dates:

  • February 26: Submission window opens
  • March 7: Hosts pick their top entries
  • March 9 – 11: Agent Round
  • March 17: #PitMad Twitter Pitch Party
  • June 9: #PitMad Twitter Pitch Party

Host: @brendadrake

Pitch: All genres

You can find the informational page here and the contest dates here. More information will be coming soon to this page!



2016 Dates (Upcoming):

  • February 26
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • [Fourth Friday of Every Month]

Hosts: @CurtisBrown @conville_walsh (Literary Agencies)

Pitch: All genres

Pitch your book in 140 words ONCE at any time during the day of the event. Use tag #PitchCB in your post. No further modifying tags are needed, but they won’t hurt if your pitch makes the genre unclear. More information can be found here.



2016 Dates (begins at 8:00 a.m. EST):

  • March 17, 2016
  • June 9, 2016
  • September 8, 2016
  • December 1, 2016

Host: @brendadrake

Pitch: All genres

Pitch your book in 140 characters using the hashtag #PitMad (as well as further defining hashtags). You can pitch any single project in three different Tweets throughout the day; no more. If you get a like or RT on your post, check the person’s Twitter page or website for their submission guidlines, and submit to them accordingly with #PitMad mentioned in your Subject line. Do not RT or Like any posts; any RTs or Likes come from agents or publishers.

  • Read the rules and see a hashtag list here.
  • For tips and tricks on posting a Twitter pitch, go here.

Example post:


Rules (image courtesy of @Claribel_Ortega):



2016 Dates: June, December. TBD.

Host: @DanKoboldt

Pitch: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Write a 140 word pitch for your Science Fiction or Fantasy polished work, and post it within the time frame with the hashtag #SFFPit (and any other defining hashtags, as listed here). You can tweet up to ten times within the pitching window. Pitches are favorited by agents and publishers when they want to see more from you; if favorited, check their submission guidelines on their Twitter pages. Do not Like or RT anything yourself. Find a full list of rules and information here.


Pitch to Publication

2016 Dates

  • June 29 – July 3: Query submission window
  • July 6 – 16: Editors will make requests from favorite entries
  • July 20: Announcement of editor/author teams
  • July 27 – August 28: Team editing window
  • August 31 – September 1: Agent round
  • October 12 – 13: Publishing house round

Host: @FountainWriter

Pitch: All genres

Your query will be sent out to your favorite five participating editors. If your work is selected, you will partner with an editor and go through an accelerated process beginning with editing. From there the participants will move on to an agent selection round and finally a publishing house round, with the hopeful result of a book deal. This event is new this year, and few particulars have been posted. Find more information about this event here.



2016 Dates:

  • 7/1 (Middle Grade)
  • 7/2 (Young Adult)
  • 7/3 (NA/Adult)

Host: @larathelark

Pitch: All genres except Erotica

Submit seven words about your main character and the 70th page of your novel via an online submission form. The top seven entries from each category will be posted to the blog, where participating agents can view them and possibly request manuscripts. The submission form and more information can be found here.



2016 Dates:

  • August 3: Submission window
  • August 25: Pitch War mentees are announced.
  • August 25 – October 31: Mentors work with their team.
  • November 3  – 5: Agent round for Pitch Wars

Host: @brendadrake

Pitch: All genres

You can find the the informational page here and the contest dates here. More information will be coming soon to this page!



2016 Date: August 5

Host: @thewriteshadow

Pitch: All genres (see list of best times to post which genres)

Compose a 140-word Twitter pitch for your work. Begin the pitch with a readership hashtag (e.g. #YA) and follow with a genre hashtag (e.g. #HF) and follow with the hashtag #WritePit as shown below.  Do not post more than two pitches per hour. More information can be found here. 




Pitch Slam

2016 Dates: Biannual. TBD.

Host: @ElleOnWords

Pitch: All genres

Authors will submit a 35-word pitch and the first 250 pages of their novel via the “Round” process below, and slush readers will compile the best entries and list them for agents to look through! Four teams will also be created out of the pitches, forming a competition. You can find the informational page for Pitch Slam here.

  • Round One – Entrants submit their 35 word pitch to receive feedback.
  • Round Two – Entrants submit their first pages (first 250 words) to receive feedback.
  • Round Three – Entrants submit both their pitches and first pages together. These entries provide the pool for team selections.
  • Round Four – The selected entries are posted for agents to request materials.



2016 Date: December. TBD.

Hosts: @FeakySnucker @JessaRusso

Pitch: All genres

Following the PitchMAS event (see below), tweet your pitches to be viewed by acquiring agents and editors – even if your pitch wasn’t selected in the PitchMAS 50. Following the same rules as #PitMad (see above) is advised.



2016 Dates: December. TBD.

Hosts: @FeakySnucker @JessaRusso

Pitch: All genres

Compose, workshop, and send off a 35-word pitch for your polished work according to the PitchMAS directions. If it is in the top 50 selected, it will be posted in the PitchMAS blog for agents and editors to view during the Blog Pitch Party. Do not post or comment unless you are an acquiring agent or editor.

The Friday after the Blog Pitch Party, feel free to Tweet your 140-word pitch using hashtag #PitchMAS, even if you weren’t selected for the top 50 pitches. Following the same rules as #PitMad (see above) is advised.


#WritePit FAITH

2017 Dates: January. TBD.

Host: @thewriteshadow

Pitch: Faith-related

Compose a 140-word Twitter pitch for your faith-related work (any faith, and any amount of relatedness). Begin the pitch with a readership hashtag (e.g. #YA) and follow with a genre hashtag (e.g. #HF) and follow with the hashtag #WritePit as shown below.  Do not post more than two pitches per hour. More information can be found here. 



2017 Date: TBD

Host: @BookFishBooks (Literary Agency)

Pitch: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult

For a chance to get a query or full manuscript critiquewrite a 140-word Twitter pitch for your book and include the hashtag #PitchBFB to pitch directly to BookFish Books. If your pitch is Liked, you will get personalized feedback on your submission, and one lucky person gets a full manuscript critique! You can see more information on this event here.



2017 Date: February, TBD

Founders: @KVanRisseghem @AnnMNoser

Pitch: All genres

More information can be found here.

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